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USC Tobacco Industry Monitoring Project Collection

Browsing the Fields

Browsing fields allows you to look at the fields and values within a collection, so that you can see what types of information to look for.

Many researchers are now sharing common lists, to make researching across collections easier and more consistent (for example, using the same TYPE list, or SUBJECT list, etc.)

120       Type  Report  Importable  Graph
16       Marketing Type  Report  Importable  Graph
11       Message  Report  Importable  Graph
107       Target Market  Report  Importable  Graph
3       Strategy  Report  Importable  Graph
People  Report  Importable  Graph
2,032       Author  Report  Importable  Graph
6,248       Named Person  Report  Importable  Graph
Organizations  Report  Importable  Graph
5,544       Named Organization  Report  Importable  Graph
Brand  Report  Importable  Graph
598       Brand  Report  Importable  Graph
Thesaurus  Report  Importable  Graph
630       Subject  Report  Importable  Graph