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Acacia (Gum arabic)

CAS number: 9000-01-5
Synonyms: Acacia gum; Sudan gum; Gum hashab; Kordofan gum; Gum arabic; Arabic gum
Industry claims used in: baked goods, breakfast cereals, fats and oils, milk products, cough drops and beverages
Possible physical or functional effects: Emulsifiers and emulsifier salts; Firming agents; Flavoring agents and adjuvants; Formulation aids; Humectants; Processing aids; Stabilizers and thickeners; Surface-finishing agents; Texturizers
Properties: industry claims FEMA GRAS; industry claims FDA GRAS; used in smokeless tobacco
Toxicology: LD50 (oral, rat) 18 g/kg; inh. or ingestion may produce hives, eczema, angiodema, asthma; allergic responses; people prone to allergies should avoid acacia; heated to decomp., emits acrid smoke