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Correspondence Concerning Smoking and Health Issues Prepared by RJR Outside Legal Counsel Rendering Legal Advice to TI Employee.

24 Nov 1970
2 pp

Author: Austern, H.T.; Covington Burling
Recipient: Kloepfer, W. Jr; Ti
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Memorandum Concerning Regulatory Matters Prepared by RJR in-House Legal Counsel in Connection with Ongoing Litigation Rendering Legal Advice, Mental Impressions, Analyses, Commentary and Legal Opinions to RJR Managerial Employees.

05 May 1971
9 pp

Author: Roemer, Henry C. (Jack)
Recipient: Dowdell, J.S.; Smith, W.S.; Stokes, C.; Galloway, A.H.; Wade, C.B.
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Draft Report Prepared by RJR Executive and RJR Marketing Consultant for Review by RJR in-House and Outside Legal Counsel and RJR Managerial Employee Concerning Scientific Research and Public Smoking Issues.

05 Dec 1978
27 pp

Author: Tucker, C.A.; Schenkel, W.J.; Bbdo
Recipient: Peterson, J.R.; Wilson, J.T.; Christopher, F.H.; Crohn, Max H.
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